Here is one of the most helpful eXp revenue share calculators. Before I get into the details of this, I want to tell you that eXp is not just about revenue share. The reason why revenue share works at eXp is because the company is the first and only agent owned cloud-based real estate firm. No bricks and mortar! When there is no physical office to have to support there is much more profit on the table to enjoy between the company and the agents that help it grow.

I previously worked for a company that enjoyed profit share and I also owned my own brokerage. I obviously am with eXp now and there is a reason for that. Profit share just was not enough of an exit strategy to support my family’s lifestyle for the future and owning a brokerage had way too much responsibility and exposure. My current set up is perfect. Exp is a publicly traded, international real estate firm and I am proud to hold my license there. If you would like to know more about why I chose to go to eXp contact me here and if you have any questions about this revenue share calculator please let me know.

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