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Top 5 Mistakes Sellers Make

Kris Anderson
Nov 18 2 minutes read

These are my top five pet peeves when I work with sellers.

As a real estate agent, it’s my job to get you the best deal possible, no matter what. However, that doesn’t mean my clients don’t occasionally make things difficult. Today I want to go over my top five pet peeves when I work with sellers: 

1. Lack of feedback. I will reach out to an agent showing a property three times through email, three times through text, and three times through phone. If I don’t get a response, then I assume there’s no interest. 

2. Restricting access. This one is tricky, especially if you’re trying to sell a home with tenants in it. In Arizona, renters have the rights. If you want to show your home to buyers, the renters can decide if they want to let people in or not. In my experience, the more access you can give your buyers, the more offers you’ll receive on your home. 

3. Not cleaning up. Please, clean your home before you try to sell. Put the toilet seats down, get rid of random clutter, and wipe everything down. Nothing turns a buyer off of a home like a mess. 

"The more access you can give your buyers, the more offers you’ll receive on your home."

4. Leaving bad smells. On a similar note, make sure there aren’t any out-there smells. If you like to cook curry, wait until after people are done visiting your home for the day. Likewise, we can get used to our pets’ smells, but they’ll stick out to strangers. 

5. Not listening to your agents. If your agent tells you that your price is too high, please listen to them. We have sold countless houses over our careers, and we have the expertise to get you the best deal possible. All you have to do is listen to us. 

These are my biggest seller pet peeves. If you avoid these, you should sell your home for top dollar without any hassle. If you have any questions about today’s video, please reach out to me via phone or email. I am always willing to help. 

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