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4 Benefits of Purchasing a Luxury Estate For Your Company's Corporate Retreats

Kris Anderson
Feb 4 4 minutes read

Ultra-successful companies like Facebook, Uber, Salesforce, Google, and other household names all heavily invest in one important thing: team building.

The corporate retreat has made a comeback in recent years, and with so many benefits tied to intentional team building, like less turnover, healthier employees, and happier customers who benefit from a happy and cohesive team, it’s easy to understand why.

But even with all of the benefits that a corporate retreat can offer, they can be incredibly costly, which deters most business owners from jumping on the trend. High-end retreats can cost up to $50K and beyond for just a few days, while smaller retreats can still cost around $6K-$8K for less than a full week.

However, smart business owners are finding a way around these costs by purchasing luxury estates that end up paying for themselves after just a few corporate retreats. 

Besides being the most economical choice for regular team building, here’s why business owners should consider purchasing a company-owned luxury estate:

1. It’s Easier to Get Your Entire Team to Participate

When you have to rely on a resort, hotel, or an Air BnB’s open dates, it can be difficult to block out time that works with everyone’s schedule. Owning a luxury estate puts your retreats on your time, so your team can work out a time to stay when most people can participate. 

2. It Can Double As An Employee Incentive

It can be difficult to consistently motivate even the most effective teams, and your choice of appropriate incentives can be limited. Having a company-owned luxury estate where you can offer a weekend or week’s stay in exchange for outstanding employee performance gives you an incredibly unique, and incredibly appreciated incentive to offer.

3. You Can Use It To Entertain Clients

If your company deals with clients from all over the world, it may be easier to get them out for a meeting if their stay is already covered by the company (and with no real extra cost for you).

4.You Can Use It As An Investment Property

At some point, you may want to relocate your company or its retreats elsewhere, and your estate can then be rented out to other companies or sold for more than you purchased it for. 

Since there’s far less monetary loss over time associated with this option than there would be for regularly-scheduled retreats, considering a luxury home purchase for your company is the smarter choice.


Why Purchase a Luxury Estate for Your Company's Corporate Retreats In Sedona?

Sedona is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, gorgeous sunsets that melt into an iconic skyline of red rock canyons, and its wide variety of healing, restorative activities and landmarks, making it a perfect place for your team to recharge. 

Just some of the activities your team can experience are

  • Wine tours and tastings in the Verde Valley

  • Clear, beautiful stargazing tours

  • Yoga, pilates, and other restorative physical activities

  • Visiting the Sedona vortexes

  • Plenty of shopping, dining, and art galleries

  • Horseback riding

  • Whitewater rafting in the Colorado River

And so much more.


If you’re interested in purchasing a luxury estate for your corporate retreats, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you every step of the way. 

Call us at (928) 421-1653 to speak with an expert!

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