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How Can You Get the Highest and Best Price as a Seller?

Kris Anderson
Apr 26 2 minutes read

Here's how you can get the highest and best price as a seller.

Here are the three tips that will help you get the highest and best price as a seller:

1. Hire a listing specialist. They go beyond what's required of them and do the extra training for traditional marketing, digital marketing, and pitbull negotiation skills. If you're a luxury seller right now, do yourself a favor and interview a guild member of the institute for marketing luxury homes. They have more luxury home sales than their peers.

Everything needs to be crisp and clean.

2. Your front door is your biggest first impression. If there are dust and cobwebs and rotten vegetables going up to the front door, the buyers immediately think that the HVAC is broken, or the hot water heater is busted, or maybe the roof has problems all because of that bad first impression. Here's what you do: pressure wash and plant a few posies to brighten up that front door. Sand and stain it if it's a wood door. If it's a composite door, ask that listing specialist and they'll know the most trendy color for it.

3. Declutter and clean your house. When I go into a home as a listing specialist, I look for area rugs. They're my pet peeves. They're beautiful but they have to come up because they drag your eyes downward. Buyers will look at those area rugs when you want them to instead see your awesome rooms, the ceiling height, and those great granite counters. 

Clear off all the counters, remove all the family photos, and remember to clean. Deep cleaning is a must; that toilet bowl needs to be beautiful. Everything needs to be crisp and clean. Hire a window cleaner so the buyer can look out onto the amazing views without spots on the windows.

These are just a few tips to get you the highest and best price, but I have so many more. If you have any questions or want more tips, please feel free to contact me. Have a great day.

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