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A Newcomer’s Guide to Coffee in Southwest

Kris Anderson
Oct 29 3 minutes read

It has been a while since I have been living in the southwest and I have found plenty of places to go to for coffee. Places where you could sip coffee from both your famous mugs and hole in the walls. It had not been long before I got off the plane, unpacked, and settled into my new home. Despite being summer, I eagerly demanded coffee. Obviously I did not get it right away at that time because I was totally new to the place. 

A month or so went by and I had discovered my ways in and out to different coffee stores. I have highlighted some of the famous coffee shops in the south west that are both pleasing aesthetically and enjoyable at the same time.

Pink Jeep Tours 

Location: Sedona

What I tried there: Caramel Latte

My Experience: The caramel latte at this place goes literally down the books. It is one of the best that you will be able to find in this area.

The Atmosphere: Pink Jeep Tours is great for a casual day out for coffee just to relax with your friends or catch up on all the gossip that has been pending for a long time at this place.


Coffee Pot Restaurant

Location: Sedona

What I tried there: Coffee

My Experience: The coffee at this place is lit, it is the best you would be able to find in this state.

The Atmosphere: The place is very big and spacious with serving sizes that are huge. Apart from that their service was very good and the best part about the place were there interesting coffee mugs.

Black Cow Café

Location: Sedona

What I tried there: Cappuccino and Macaroons

My Experience: After the world’s best hot dogs, this world has the best coffee ever. 

The Atmosphere: The staff of this place was super nice and I appreciated their gesture and humble way of serving to the people.

Chocola Tree

Location: Sedona

What I tried there: Coffee

My Experience: Starting from everything at this place, the coffee to the snacks that you can have with your food. Everything tastes perfect. 

The Atmosphere: This place has a community feel that you will not be able to get at a lot of places. This place has the best vibes! If you want a decent place to sit at for coffee, you should opt for here.

For More Info: Call Kris (928) 421-1653

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